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Year 4 Summer Letter

Year 4X have enjoyed the first half of the Spring Term being taught by Miss Mayern ans well as Mrs Grieco. We have looked at carbon footprints, renewable energy and global warming in Geography. Our Science work also made links to electricity and building circuits.

Our English work culminated in us writing a play-script based on our class reading book- I Was A Rat by Philip Pullman. In Maths we have been using known facts for multiplication and division and our knowledge of place value to calculate more complex problems.


In the second half of the Spring Term Year 4X will be continuing Maths work on multiplication and division facts to support our work on fractions and decimals. Our English work will consist of an extended piece of narrative writing as well as some writing in other subjects, such as Science and Geography. Geography will involve a local study of March town. Please be reminded that rapid recall of multiplication and division facts is vital if children are to move on the more complex concepts in Maths such as fractions. Most of Year 4X already have the 'reading bug' - please keep this up at home and when provided with an opportunity at school. The most avid readers usually become the best writers.


Swimming will continue on a Friday morning and outdoor PE with the sports coaches on a Thursday morning.




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