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Due: 10/10/2017                                                                                                                                       Learning Log

What was life like as an Anglo-Saxon?

As a year group we have come up with the following areas that we would like to research about the Anglo-Saxons. You can research one or more of these areas and then complete two pages in your learning log.

  • Religion
  • Warfare
  • Jobs and Social structure
  • Housing
  • Fashion
  • Famous Saxons

If you are interested in another area about the Anglo Saxons, you can research this area.

Weekly Multiplication Challenge


Week 1 – Thursday 14th September- x2 tables


Week 2 – Thursday 21st September-x3 tables


Week 3 – Thursday 28th September-x4 tables


Week 4 – Thursday 5th October-x5 tables


Week 5 – Thursday 12th October-x6 tables


Week 6 – Thursday 19th October- x7 tables

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