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Year 4 homework will be set on a Friday and is due by the following Tuesday.


Starz+ passwords will be stuck into homework books so that any work set on there can be accessed. A link for Starz+ can be found on the Useful Websites page.


In addition to the homework set per week, we ask that you read with your child daily and practise their spelling words and mathematical fluency at least 3 times a week.

Year 4 Homework                            Due: 10/5/2022

In class, we are reading I Was a Rat! By Phillip Pullman. It is a story about a boy – Roger –who thinks that he was once a rat and acts like a rat at times: chewing on wooden walls, eating pencils, making nests to sleep in and believing that he is only 3 weeks old. Your homework is to design your own character who believes that they were something else. It could be a girl who thinks she’s a dog or a boy who thinks he’s a cow or a man who thinks he’s a car it’s up to you. Draw your character and then tell me about them. You need to include what they think they are and how this makes them act.

Year 4 Homework                                                                              Due: 16/3/2022

We are currently looking at the Anglo-Saxons in Britain between 410 AD to 800 AD. This homework is a research and presentation project which will take about three weeks. By the end of the three weeks, you will have produced three pieces of work. I recommend doing one piece of work a week. What you research and how you present it is up to you.

Below are some ideas:

- A fact file on a famous Anglo-Saxon figure. This could be a king, a religious figure or someone of your own choosing.

- A fact file on Anglo-Saxon fashion.

- Make an Anglo-Saxon house.

- Research, design and make your own piece of Anglo-Saxon jewellery.

- Research Anglo-Saxon food, write up a recipe, make the food and write about how it tasted.

- Research and make a fact file about a famous historical event in Britain between AD 410 and AD 800.

- Research and make your own Anglo-Saxon clothing.

- Make a short video about the Anglo-Saxons.

- Recreate a piece of Anglo-Saxon art.

- Or three ideas of your own.


Your research projects need to be in school by 16/3/2022, ready to present to your peers that week.


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