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Whilst you are at home self isolating here is your learning.

  • Remember to practice your reading daily with your reading book or with other books you have at home. 
  • Draw a picture of the characters in the story. Can you describe the setting?
  • Remember when you write a sentence what do you need to include?

Capital letters, finger spaces, writing on the line, using your phonics skills, full stop. 

  • Practice your handwriting by copying one part of the story.
  • Practice your phonics daily. There is a link to you tube with all the phonics sounds we have been learning in class. 
  • Go on a phonics hunt around the house. What can you find that starts with the sound for the day?
  • We have been learning about 2d shapes. What can you find in your house that is a triangle, rectangle, square, circle or hexagon?  Draw a picture of it and label it. 
  • We have been ordering objects and numbers from smallest to greatest. Can you find some objects to sort by size or shape, or number?
  • It has been lovely to get outside and explore autumn. Find out about an animal that likes to live in the woods. You can draw a picture and label it, find out 5 facts, or even make an animal mask.


Don't forget to message me on starz to show what you are learning each day. Thank you.

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