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Friday 5th March

We are hopeful that today will be the last day for us to have to work at home . I have sent you all a message on starz.


I cannot wait to see you back on Monday.

Art today -our Tree of Hope- you may wish to do this first thing as I would like everyone to send me thiis work before the end of the day. I am going to ask you to think about your hopes for the future as you come out of lockdown. I want to put all our ideas together as a tree.It may look like this.

Choose one of the templates below. Print it out or draw it on a piece of paper. It needs to be less than half an A4 sheet size or it will be too big for our tree.

Here is an example created by Mrs Baumber

You are going to use the template to make the hopeful new life growing from a tree.


Think about all the hopes you have for yourself and others as you come out of lockdown. Maybe you hope for people to enjoy good health , to spend time with their families , be able to start playing sports again. Use pictures or words to fill up your template that you have chosen. Include your name on it too. Try to make it colourful and maybe have some patterns .


You do not need to cut it out. Please send it to Mrs Baumber by the end of the day.

English today - Reading Comprehension - answer in full senetences. Send to Miss Johnson to mark please.

Rounding Decimals Again - look at this.

Try as much of this as you can- there are 2 sheets.

Colour by Multiplication - to complete if you have time.

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