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Friday 22.1.21

Mrs Wordsmith.

Here are our Mrs Wordsmith words we have learnt this term.


wholesome , astute , quaint , tongue-tied , immerse , incessant , lavish , plunge , devious.


1. Write them out neatly in alphabetical order - A-Z.

2. Write them out in the order of what you think is the strongest to the weakest words.

You could use different colours for each word if you wish.

The Industrial Revolution - reading comprehension . Answer on the sheet or paper. Full sentences please.

MATHS BOARD -Choose a number between 30 and 90 and fill in as much as you can. Only do this if you have time .

Art task-A view from your window

Please send your pictures of the view from your window to Mrs Baumber on starz by 3.30 today if possible so we can get as many on the website - sign your first name at the bottom of your picture so we know who the artist is.



The book Belonging by Jeannie Baker uses beautiful illustrations to document how the view out of a girl’s window changes over time.


You can find a copy of the book here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cteuiljxfYc


Look closely at the drawings and consider how the illustrator has used perspective.



Victorian arts captured the changing world around them, from countryside scenes to cityscapes. Choose a window and sketch the view from it.


Be creative! Are you going to choose the view from your kitchen window or maybe a car window? Are you going to include the window frame or just the scene outside? Maybe you can capture your street with no cars, which reflects the current lockdown? Is it going to be black and white or colour?


Use a pencil to sketch your picture – please take a photo for the website. Once your sketch is complete, consider using paints or pencil to add colour.  


When you are sketching your picture, consider perspective. Use the guidelines attached  to help you.




Art instructions- perspective

Here is a picture of the view from our classroom - if you do not have a view from your windown then draw this.

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