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Re-watch the story of Jesus feeding the 5000. 


Then fill in the missing words. 


People heard that __________________ was talking and they wanted to go and hear what he had to say. 

A crowd gathered it started to get late in the day. The ________________ (Jesus' special friends) said he should turn the crowd away but Jesus said no. 


A small __________ was in the crowd. He had ________ loaves and _______ fishes. The boy was willing to share his food.  Jesus told his disciples to ask the boy bring the loaves and fishes. 

Jesus took the loaves. He broke the bread and gave thanks to __________. He then told his disciples to start feeding the crowd. 

His disciples were amazed surely there wouldn't be enough food. They started to feed the crowd as they did the food kept multiplying until everyone in the crowd was fed. 


The people were amazed and they said this is truly the ________  of ________. 


Missing words - can you fill in the missing words using these words: disciples, Jesus, five, two, boy, Son God, God, 

Jesus Feeds the 5,000

Animated Bible story for kids based on John 6:5-13.

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