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Friday 15.01.21

Mrs Wordsmith words for weather.

Work for Friday 14th January.

Mrs Wordsmith Weather Word Snakes.


Above is an example of a word snake but this is using bird and animal names

Choose a selection of Mrs Wordsmith weather words from the resources above or any that you know. Write them all neatly and link them to others as in the picture. You could make them into snakes if you would like. You can write them backwards if that helps to link them. You could decorate with weather pictures if you can. For instance - a snake could be wearing a sun hat.

 You may handwrite or do this on the computer.


English – Title -To identify the features that build tension and suspense.


Today you will need the written version of Road’s End . It is attached underneath this instruction.


Here is a list of how mystery texts build tension and suspense. Read them through.

Now try to find an example of each feature from the text. You could find 2 or more if you can.


Exciting synoyms- similar and opposite words

Onomatopoeia is the formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named (e.g. cuckoosizzle )


Write out the name of the feature and next to it record the extract from the text.

Here is an example of how I would like you to present your work. You could draw a table if you want. You may do this work on the computer today or handwrite it.


Examples from text

Detailed descriptions of the surroundings

The barren desert plain . The full power of the sun beat down , there was no breeze.

Clues to ….



Road's End text

Maths - you need to work on time - here is a game you could play to help prepare for the test next week.





For the maths lesson today I am posting the link to the video like we use in class . This will talk you through the lesson. Let me know how you get on with this. I will still post the powerpoint but you do not need to look at both - whichever you prefer.



Today we would like you to create a picture using potato printing.


It could be that you want to design a repeating pattern, or maybe create a tree.  It is your choice.  Do some research to see what other people have created.


Remember to be careful with sharp knives - ask an adult to do this part for you.


Follow the instructions on the below link:




Happy printing!



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