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In Oliver's Vegetables Oliver and his Grandpa search his garden for the potatoes. There are many different fruits and vegetables that grow in the garden. 

What do they need to help them grow?

Can you make a chart to show what plants and seeds need to make them grow?

Don't forget to add labels and perhaps captions to describe what happens. 


Perhaps you could write some instructions for somebody else to show them what they need to do to plant a seed.

Words you could use as sentence starters - First, Next, Then, Finally


I have planted some seeds at home. I had a few packets of seeds, but then thought I would try to grow an apple pip. Other fruit and vegetables you could try are tomatoes ( use the seeds from a tomato!), orange pips, cress, lemon pips. 

If you are able you could use a herb plant from the supermarket. Watch it grow and don't forget to look after it!


What are the different parts of a plant? 

Find out what each part of the plant is for. Some of the BBC clips will help you. 

Then show me what you have found out. It could be a picture, drawing, or a photo. 

Oliver wants the potatoes to make into chips. 

Perhaps you could have a go at cooking something that uses vegetables or fruit. 

How about a fruit kebab, fruit salad,  some fruity muffins, maybe a vegetable bake or be like Oliver and make chips?

Make a list of what you need, and then write some instructions. Share them on Starz so we can all have a go! 

This is a new initiative following letters and sounds phonics, which we use in school. Use this to help support phonics learning. 

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