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English for the week


Read the sentences use the conjunction (because, when, if, that) in bold to create a new sentence for example:

1. Sarah got a new bike. Because

Sarah got a new bike because it was her birthday.


2. The children couldn’t play outside. Because


3. Jack won a medal. When


4. Sarah could go to the park. If



Have a look at the picture below. Think of some adjectives to describe the setting.



Now think about these senses: sight, hearing, touch.

Think about how you could use these senses to describe the picture.


For example, I can see tall, long monkey bars. 

I can hear children laughing and playing.

I can feel hard, metal swings.


Now think of your own sentences for the picture using the senses: sight, touch and hearing.



SPAG – read these contracted words. Can you say what two words have come together to make the contracted word. For example, couldn’t – could + not.

Shouldn’t                   wouldn’t                          hasn’t


You’re                         don’t                                 I’ve


I’m                              can’t                                 I’ll 


Now practise writing these words down. What do you notice?



Have a look at your face. What parts of our face do we use for some of our senses?


What about touch? 


Did you know we can use all of our body for touch as our skin is the sensory organ for touch.


Draw your face and label your features. Now add detail on which features are used for senses for example:

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