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How have you changed from a baby to now? 

What can you do now that you couldn't do then?


What do you look like now? How has your face changed?  Have a go at drawing a selfie!  Look in a mirror and look really carefully at your features. 

And how about your family?

You could draw a picture of all the people in your family and label them.

If you are able to you could phone, facetime or Zoom somebody in your family for a chat. Think of some questions you could ask them first. 

Things like -

  • How are you?  
  • What have you done today?
  • When you were little what did you like to play?
  • What was your favourite story?
  • What was your favourite toy?
  • What did you do at school?


Try to write your answers  in sentences. What have you found out about your family?




Oxford owls books to read this week

  • Good Old Grandad
  • Jim's house in 1874
  • What can a baby do?
  • No Way!

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