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In all English work, please be aware that some activities will need to be altered to support your child. It is perfectly fine for you to model writing if your child is not quite ready to write yet. 


We know the ladybird does not like talking but I can’t help but feel she is a good thinker. Using cut out speech bubble shapes, ask your child what the ladybird might be thinking. Model writing the ladybird’s thought bubbles and then encourage your child to have a try at writing their own. Remember to encourage correct letter formation, finger spaces and correct use of digraphs. 


What might the ladybird say to the farm animals? Can you create speech bubbles which show this?


Set up a farm or a minibeast area and use post it notes to label your model. Can you write a sign to go with it?


Can you write draw a ladybird and write about it? Can you give it special powers? 


Again you may wish to use the sentence starters...

It is....   It can...... It has.....


This week why not try writing some tricky words or digraphs on a cup and placing a pom pom underneath one of the cups. Ask your child to guess where the pom pom is hidden- they must read the word or digraph first to check if they were correct. 


Remember to check out phonics play and oxford owls too!

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