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I really enjoyed that story. What amazing things Billy could see. I think Mum and Dad should have listened to Billy at the end!


What would you find if you looked into a bucket like Billy's?

Draw a picture of what you can see, and label the different creatures. 


What do you know about creatures that live under the sea? 

You could choose one creature to make a fact file about. Do some research like a scientist would do, to find out all you can about your creature. Then show your facts however you like. There are some templates to help.


Don't forget there are daily phonics sessions on the main year 1 page. 


Different creatures like to live in different parts of the sea. This is their habitat. In some places the sea is incredibly deep. Find out which creatures live in the different layers of the sea. 

Pretend you are a diver and exploring the amazing depths of the sea. 

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