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How did Lucy and Tom get to the seaside? 

Can you remember what they packed to take with them?  What would you take? 

You could:

  • make a list of things to take with you to the seaside.
  • make a short story of  a day at the beach.
  • write a diary of a day you have spent at the seaside.
  • make a postcard from the beach . Perhaps you could really send it to someone you haven't seen for some time. 


I love all the sights and sounds of the seaside. There are always interesting things to see, and good things to eat! The seaside smells different. What does it smell of to you?

  • make a menu for an ice cream parlour and describe the ice creams using great adjectives. For example - Blueberry ice cream, bursting with berries and dripping in delicious chocolate sauce. You can draw your scrumptious creations. 
  • Think about you senses and what you can see, hear, smell, taste, touch at the seaside.  You could write a poem to share this.





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