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Mr Grinling had a very busy day!  He had lots of jobs to do. 

  • Think about the story, who are the characters in it, where was it set, what was the problem?
  • Can you put some pictures of the story into order? You could draw it as a cartoon with captions and speech bubbles.
  • Write one thing he had to do in the morning, afternoon, evening.


Mr Grinling had to row his boat to the lighthouse no matter what the weather. 

  • Design some clothes for Mr G to wear in his boat so that he won't get wet. Label what you have chosen and how it will keep him dry.


Hamish the cat really didn't like going into the basket! He felt scared.

  • How could you help Hamish feel better? Could you give him something to have in the basket or perhaps say something that would help?


Mrs Grinling was an excellent cook. She really enjoyed making new dishes for Mr G to try.

  • Can you invent a new sandwich for Mrs Grinling to make?  It could be a really yummy one for Mr G to enjoy, or perhaps a disgusting one to keep away the pesky seagulls!
  • Write a shopping list for Mrs G so she doesn't forget anything. 




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