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Easter Challenge

Easter is fast approaching and I am sure you have lots of activities planned (in the house or garden of course!)smiley

At All Saints, we try and encourage children to think about the reasons why Christians celebrate Easter. Easter eggs and the Easter bunny are of course important- who doesn't love a little bit of chocolate- but we also tell the children the Easter story and encourage them to think of other reasons why we may celebrate Easter.

I have attached a link so that the children can watch the Easter story. Maybe they could make some stick puppets and act out the story or tell the story to a grandparent or cousin using skype, FaceTime or over the telephone. 

Just before school finished we began to talk about Spring. As a class we have been on Autumn walks and Winter walks. We compared the seasons and spoke about the seasonal changes. As an extension of this, you may wish to go for a spring walk and compare Spring to Winter. I have attached some open ended challenges for you to do at home.

The daily hatch project 


Often at Easter time we think about new life which often takes our thoughts to chicks!

Click on the link below to see daily videos of chicks hatching from eggs. 

I have also attached some documents which you can do at home. You may wish to print some out or just use the sheets as an idea and create your own with paper and pen. Some ideas are open ended and will need limited resources. 

You can pick up a pack with paper copies in it from the office- this will be available from Thursday 26th march. However I would strongly advise you to only do this if absolutely necessary. My hope is for us to stay safe and we all know staying home is the best way to do this. smiley

These Easter cards could be made at home- just draw some egg shapes, write a word or ask your child to help you draw some pictures and hey presto- you have your own set of home made rhyming cards!
Easter crafts

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