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e-safety updates

There has been some reports of adults attempting to groom children on Roblox recently. If you are worried have a discussion with your child about their online activities, or come and see Mr Crickwood.

In a new campaign, Cambridgeshire Police are highlighting their concerns around Sexting with a number of posters aimed at young people, teenagers and parents.

Cambridgeshire Police Campaign 2017

SEXTING is the exchange of self generated sexually explicit images, through mobile picture messaging or webcams over the internet.‘Sexting is illegal’ i.e. possessing an indecent image of a child, even if you're a child yourself. Apps such as Snapchat and Instagram make this much easier than it ever used to be. Many believe these pictures exist for a few seconds then are gone forever.


By giving and reinforcing the right messages from a really young age, we can help prepare children for the risks and dangers they might face along the way

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