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The Gingerbread Man has reached the river, how will he cross safely ?

Can you build him a boat?

What shape is it going to be?

Does your boat have a sail, propeller or does he need oars to row ?

How can you make sure boat will not sink? 

Oh No the Gingerbread Man is escaping.

Can you make a trap to catch him?

What will you use ? How will you make it? What do you need?

How will you make sure the Gingerbread Man does not see your trap?

How will your trap work?

Cut out the shapes to make a Gingerbread Man puppet.

Make your own Gingerbread Men.

Send a photo through starz and tell us how they tasted.

How will you decorate them, what will you use for eyes and buttons?

But be careful, when you open the oven door!! 

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