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Build your own castle.

You could use construction such as Lego, building bricks.

Or build it in the garden using chairs, tables, pieces of material or boxes anything you can think of.

But don't forget to ask Mum or Dad first perhaps they have a few suggestions and ideas. 

Ask them if they built a den or castle when they were your age. What did it look like? Did anyone help them?

Think about what it will look like, will it have towers, turrets, a moat and a bridge. you could google photos of castles to give you some ideas.

Then take a photo and send it to us through starz we look forward to seeing you in your castle.


Mrs Johnson and Mrs Westwood

Look at the power point below for information about Coats of Arms and decorated shields.

Then create your own family coat of arms and decorate your shield.

 Don't get burnt or eaten by a dragon make your own dragon shaped biscuits and eat the dragon instead.

Recipe for making dragon biscuits.

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