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School Meals - Current Menu:

Menu for September 2023

Important Information:


Morning Break

Please provide a small, healthy snack for your child during the morning break.  No crisps, sweets or chocolate please.  If a child has an unhealthy snack, they will be asked to keep it until after school.  Fruit will be offered as an alternative.  Key Stage 1 children will be given fruit under the government scheme.  



Children can choose to have either a packed lunch or hot dinner. We strongly recommend hot meals as it provides children with a balanced diet that gives them energy for the day. 


Money for school lunches (£2.40 per day; £12 per week) should be paid on Monday mornings for the week if possible.  Children absent on a Monday morning should bring their money as soon as they return.


Please ask office staff if your child is entitled to free school meals.  It helps our school funding if you claim for free school meals even if your child does not always take them. 


Meals are cooked on the premises by Nourish Contract Catering.  The menu is sent out in advance. 


Packed Lunches

Packed lunches need to be in a strong container with your child’s name on it.  Drinks need to be in a suitable container (no glass/cans or fizzy drinks).  Please check that they do not leak.  Water is available for those children who require it.  Any food not eaten and all packaging is taken home. 


Our Midday Supervisory Assistants (MSAs) help children to eat their food properly, to clear away at the end of the meal and enjoy their lunchtime.  They do monitor and encourage children to eat, but we do not insist that children finish all of what is offered.



It is school policy to allow children access to water at all times.  Please send your child in with water in a sports bottle, clearly named.  They will be able to keep it on their desk, or near by at all times.  They will need to take it home at the end of the day, to be cleaned and re-filled.


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