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Welcome to the Art and Dt page.

We have studied the work of a local artist. Carry Akroyd makes prints and paintings of local places and views. I wonder if you recognise any of these places?


Year 1 chose 'Bright night' to study. We looked carefully at the picture and talked about the colours used. We thought the picture was showing Autumn time. We spotted a Barn owl swooping through the picture and a sneaky fox turning back to look at it.  We have learnt the word 'moonlit' from Mrs Wordsmith and feel its a great word to use to describe this picture.

We practiced making secondary colours from primary colours. Then we painted our backgrounds and added collage drawings to create our own ' Bright night' pictures. We hope you enjoy them. 

Year 5 research, drawing, collage and chalk work inspired by Carry Ackroyd.

Reception class talked about the features of the landscape pictures which Carry Akroyd had painted. We discussed the shapes and colours which we could see and decided to become artists too! First we looked for shapes and colours around our school. We then experimented with powder paints and mixed primary colours to create secondary colours and added these to a colour wheel. We had great fun watching the powder turn to paint as we added water. Finally, looked at the landscape picture below and tried to re-create it. We had great fun and found out we can all be artists!

Reception's Art Gallery

DT at All Saints

At All Saints, we include DT in all areas of our learning. Each Year group has topics to which link to other curriculum learning, children will plan, create a prototype, improve, create a final product and evaluate each step of the process, to create their final item. We encourage all children to be imaginative and think of how purposeful their item will be to the desired audience, using a range of materials we ask children to think about their choices and why it is the best fit for their product. Below are some pictures of our creations in our Design and Technology lessons. 

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