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All about spiders

Who likes spiders? Spiders are more scared of you than you are of them. You are like a giant as you stand and peer over them. 

They always amaze me- how can something so small make something so strong? Have you ever watched a spider make its web? 

Look at the clip below- its amazing to watch!


I have also attached two lovely story books about spiders. I think the diary of a spider is very funny!


Learning opportunities


Take a paper plate and add holes around the outside- can you thread some string through the holes to create a spiders web?


Can you add some spiders, minibeasts (anything!) to a container and then tightly wrap some string around it. Ask your child to save the minibeasts! Can you ask your child to fish out the minibeasts using tweezers. How many were they able to get? Maybe set a timer and see who can get the most out before the timer runs out. Who saved the most? 

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