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All about snails and slugs

Slug and snails are amazing minibeasts and I love searching for them in the garden. Did you know that Snails like to move along a wet surface so make sure you wet your hand before you pick one up.  You could also try dipping the bottom of it into food colouring and then placing it on a piece of paper- can you see the slivery trail it has made? Maybe you could find two snails and watch them race! Use a stop watch to see how long it take them to move from place to another. 


One of my favourite story books is Norman the Slug with the silly shell. I wonder if you like it too? 

Learning opportunities

  • If you could fly, Where would you go? Can you paint a picture to show your ideas? Can you write a sentence using the sentence starter 'If I could fly I would....


  • Can you set up an obstacle course and move around it just like Norman moved around in the story. Remember to use positional language such as over, under, between etc


  • Can you set up a snail home?

1. Choose a tank or container- make sure it has air holes. 

2. Find some leaf mould or moss to line the bottom of the tank. This helps to hold the moisture in and stops the snails from drying out. Add some leaves and a little foliage too. 

3. Go and collect some snails or slugs

4. Make sure you fit the lid properly or your snails will crawl out!

5. Keep your tank in a cool place out of direct sunlight. 

6. Feed them bits of cucumber, slices of apples, dandelion leaves or salad leaves. 


Your snails will want to cruise around your tank and in doing so will leave their famous trail. This can start to build up so I would suggest giving it a little wipe. Make sure you release your slugs or snails after a couple of days. 

Have fun! 

I have attached some slug fact cards which you may like to explore together. There may be some words that your child is able to recognise.

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