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I wonder why people like to go to the seaside?

What do you like about it?


Here are some fun activities to try.


How about making some funky sunglasses. You could customize some glasses you have ( ask first!), or cut out a pair of glasses to decorate, stick things on, whatever you like. 


Look at the map carefully. Can you find the seaside towns? Mark on the map seaside places that you have been to. 

What is our closest seaside town from March?

When you build a sandcastle people often put some flags on the top. Have a go at designing your own flag, or perhaps use one of the flags for the countries of the UK. Do you know what the 4 countries of the UK are? 
How about having a garden/ beach games afternoon. there are lots of games you could play on the beach that you could also do at home. You could make some medals for everyone.

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