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11th May

Bees and beetles


This week we will be learning about bees and beetles. There are many different kinds of beetles. Can you remember learning that a ladybird is a type of beetle?

Have you ever heard the saying ‘as busy as a bee?’ Bees move from flower to flower drinking nectar.  It’s like they are doing a waggle dance.

Listen to the music ‘The flight of a bumblebee’- can you move and dance like a busy bee? Did you move fast or slow? Did you visit and flowers?

I would also like you to read the story of the ‘Greedy Bee.’ Again I have attached a link to someone reading this story in case you do not have the text at home.


As you read the story think about how the greedy bee behaved. Was he kind? Why do you think the bee was so greedy? Why is it important to share?

Can you match the minibeast to their habitat? 

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